How it works

Hostnotion is incredibly simple.

  1. Make a page in Notion public (this will be your content for your website/blog/portfolio/support pages etc!)
  2. Buy a domain of your choice (we recommend NameCheap)
  3. Set up Hostnotion and point your domain at our servers, which points to your public Notion page

Here's a full guide below with the example at Godaddy

There are 6 main steps to setting up a website using HostNotion (you can totally do this)

Prep Work :

→ Before you begin, ensure you own the domain name you would like to use - sounds obvious, but still... 😉 You can buy this from any Domain Registrar, such as GoDaddy, Google Domain, etc.

→ Also, share your Notion page with the public by toggling the button on the top right of your Notion page to 'Share to Web'

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