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There are 6 main steps to setting up a website using HostNotion (you can totally do this)

Prep Work :

→ Before you begin, ensure you own the domain name you would like to use - sounds obvious, but still... 😉 You can buy this from any Domain Registrar, such as GoDaddy, Google Domain, etc.

→ Also, share your Notion page with the public by toggling the button on the top right of your Notion page to 'Share to Web'

Step 1: Sign up your domain name to HostNotion 😎

Head to HostNotion and click 'Let's Go' and then:

You'll be taken to the start of your set up which looks like this:

Get things moving by filling out the 'Custom Domain' box with the name of the domain you bought.

Then copy and paste the Notion content you want to use as your website into the box below called 'Notion Page'.

Step 2: Subscribe to HostNotion

Next you need to plug in your payment details (you'll get 7 days free that you can cancel at any time, but we hope you won't 😘

Hosted at Hostnotion – custom domains for Notion